Thatched roof construction and renovation

nádtető készítés, nádtetős parasztház - nádtető télen fűt nyáron hűt
Innovatív náddal fedett modern ház - a nagy üvegfelületekhez is illik

Roofing with natural and innovative reed

Our company was founded on more than 40 years of experience. Of these, we have spent 20 years studying in Western Europe. Innovation has always been a very important part of thatching for us. Our company has reformed the way that thatched roofs are made, and the current use of the material has been completely renewed, so we can talk about a completely new way of thatching. We use both natural material and reed made of plastic (alternative reed), which is an invention of the modern era. In our hands, thatching takes on a completely different meaning.

Thermal insulation

Full service, from on-site survey to handover.
The service, comfort and satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority during our work.
All you have to do in the process is choose the type of insulation and, in the case of façade insulation, choose the color of the plaster. We take care of everything else.
After completion of the work, our colleagues leave a clean area behind.
We also handle the waste generated, so you won’t have to worry about that either.

Scaffold rental

Our group also rents out Layher ringlock scaffolding systems.
The system is assembled with the utmost care.
Keeping safety first and foremost in mind. It will be delivered to you ready to use.
You don’t have to worry about transport and dismantling. Please contact us for a quote.



Masonry works
Groundwork | Concreting

Hall construction

structural metal-works

Gates, fences

Gates and fences designed to individual sizes and requirements


Our company was expanded in 2021 with a new colleague, Sándor Varga. Having previously worked in Magyar Telekom’s network, he has decades of experience and routine. His management experience in both residential and business customer connectivity, network TU works and riser construction now enriches our company profile. It was therefore an evident decision to build our own in-house team to carry out this type of work, developing both the telecommunications and low voltage lines.

General construction