Thatching from Natural Reed

Nádtető készítés természetes nád felhasználásával, itt nem az egész tető kapott borítást, de kiválóan illik a házhoz

Nowadays, everyone knows that thatching has a long history and tradition. It is known to be durable and has significant heat retention properties.
Innovatív Solution Kft. can provide solutions that make insulation predictable, significantly extend its lifespan and even lead the way in the most important issue, in the prevention of fire damage.

Nádtető készítés természetes nádból - modern házon látható, városi környezetben, függőleges falon is
nádtető készítés természetes náddal - az emeleti ablakok felett is gyönyörűen kivitelezve

We also use natural raw materials, just like our competitors. Difference lies in choosing these materials. We request our partner companies to harvest the reed for us, which is then sorted by us with careful precision. We send our raw materials to a special quality control institute 3 times a year for testing, which guarantees reliability and top quality. The tests are carried out in Germany by an institute, which is an independent organization. The organization is run by a highly respected professor. This company also carries out inspections for the Western European Roofing Trade Union.


Newcomers to our team can learn from the best professionals on a practice roofing set-up in our own warehouse. The knowledge gained in this way also ensures the high quality of the work, as all our colleagues work in the same manner and with the same method. The technique we use is a form of thatching that has been perfected over decades.

Tetőmakett a raktárban - Szakembereink ilyenen tanulják a nádtető készítés fortélyait, anélkül, hogy megáznának közben:)


Fixing wires

As per the use of further materials, the traditional fixing wires used in thatching were replaced by materials that are made of stainless steel throughout their whole cross-section. This change represents an increase of more than 45% in lifespan compared to traditional, previous fixing applications.

Ridge thatching

The most striking change is in the covering of the roof ridge. The previous ridge thatching made of reed tiles was replaced with a special thatched roof ridge tile. This application increases the lifespan of the roof by more than 50% regarding the roof ridge.
This is a real innovation in itself. To the best of our knowledge, no similar processes are used to make thatched roofs in our country.


The lifespan of a thatched roof can be greatly increased by constant care. The thatched roof needs to be repaired and maintained from time to time. We have several solutions to help you maintain the desired quality of your roof at a low cost over the long term. This prevents the need for major works which might be required due to the worn-out condition of the roof. It is worth seeking professional advice and we can provide excellent solutions.


Innovatív Solution Kft. is the only company with treatment methods that have never been used in Hungary before. We have a revolutionary solution for treatment of the roof surface. The treatment involves a special NANO material, which greatly extends the lifespan of the roof. Contact us for detailed information and request a free quote.

Fire protection

By their nature, thatched roofs are very flammable! Everyone knows that.
Innovatív Solution Kft. also cooperates with Hungarian designers, where we offer solutions for fire protection at the design stage. In the future, it is important that the designer and thatcher work together and present customers with durable, verifiable and tested solutions.

Anyone who builds a thatched house or has an existing building with thatched roof must take care with responsibility about the fire safety of the building.
We offer a range of solutions for our customers. We provide innovative solution ideas during both the design and construction phases. Several European manufacturers already produce products to prevent possible fire damage in thatched roof buildings. Usually, before thatching, a special material called ATI 150 is mounted under the layer of thatch, which provides a strong protection against possible fire damage.
We also have solutions for existing thatched roofs. In this case, a substance called MAGMA 8 is sprayed on the surface of the reed 5-9 cm deep into the reed layer.

For more information and for a free quote, please contact our customer service.