INNOVATIVE REED has many advantages over natural reed, while it has the same color and appearance as natural reed. By being unaffected by the weather, its color is indistinguishable from the color of natural reed. It can be processed in the same way as natural reed.

Its unique properties make it suitable for covering roofs with much lower inclination angle. It also blends well with the urban landscape and the countryside. As it is non-flammable, it is safe to use in green areas and areas with trees. It doesn’t cause mold, or fungus growth, and it doesn’t absorb moisture, so it doesn’t result in moss growth. There is no maintenance cost, no repair period, and there are no upkeep costs or other surface applications that generate ongoing costs with natural reed. It is also an excellent replacement for a tiled roof in all environments.

INNOVATIVE REED is a reed made of plastic granules. The durability of the material is ensured by the combination of the raw material and the manufacturing technology, as well as the manufacturing quality controls that go with it.
It will not develop moss, algae, fungus or mold on its surface. Unlike natural reed, INNOVATIVE REED keeps its thickness and shape for an indefinite time.
This ensures a permanent insulation value. Its insurance costs are no higher than for a general tiled roof.

The material of INNOVATIVE REED is flexible, making it very suitable for creating unique and aesthetic roof designs. Whether it is a curved or a mansard roof type. INNOVATIVE REED is suitable for the construction of almost any roof shape, whether new or to be renovated. It can be of any size and unique shape. The roof design can include unique elements that are a special sight for the whole neighborhood.

INNOVATIVE REED is also suitable for the construction of urban roofs. The material has an advantage over natural reed, which is that it is non-flammable. Whether it is a newly built house, a condominium or a building renovation, where you can choose the unique roof design. With a roof covered with INNOVATIVE REED, you can make your home stand out and add aesthetics to your surroundings.

INNOVATIVE REED guarantees a permanent and excellent roof insulation of the house. It provides a comfortable indoor temperature in all seasons. The result of permanently good insulation is that you can save a considerable amount of money on the energy bills of your house. Good insulation ensures cooler temperatures in summer and a pleasant warmth in winter, just like in case of natural reed. What’s more, the use of alternative reeds can provide the same insulating properties over a thinner surface as natural reed can only provide in a much thicker construction.

Fire-safe reed? Of course, the roof’s fire safety and the sense of a secure environment is an important factor for the owner of the thatched roof and their environment. INNOVATIVE REED is made of a certain type of POLYMER material, which is absolutely fire-safe.

Even after testing the plastic reed fibers at different temperatures, it was proven that the material is guaranteed to be non-flammable and therefore absolutely safe. This means that it complies with fire safety regulations and can also be used in more densely populated areas, such as cities.

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